Pegging it differently, to camp trouble-free!

Text Box: Welcome to the world of hassle free camping! 

The PenPusher is a simple and effective tool to drive your tent pegs into the ground without the hassle of bending down and it will make any camping trip a holiday, from the moment you arrive at your campsite, to the moment of your departure.

After months of research the final product was patented. (ZA 2017/04898)

The PenPusher was originally invented and designed for the elderly camper and campers with disabilities such as back and leg injuries.

The PenPusher was tested against a hammer on different surfaces and it has matched the performance of the hammer on each test, without injuries such as bruised fingers and peg shock. 

On extremely rocky surfaces, when the hammer bent the pegs, the PenPusher also bent the pegs. Thicker pegs will still be required for these extremely hard surfaces. 

We introduce the latest addition to the PenPusher family. The new Multi-Penpusher has exchangeable heads that will accommodate the 5.4mm, 6mm and 8 mm Maxcon pens.

The PenPusher was invented to make pegging easier for everybody and not to achieve the impossible.

Pat ZA 2017/04898

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