Pegging it differently, to camp trouble-free!

Pat ZA 2017/04898

Peg Driver

Inserting the peg

Unclipping the peg

1. Hold the PenPusher upside down and let the hammer

part slide out.


2. Hold the anchor peg at the rope loop.


3. Holding the open vertical groove facing you, press the peg against the black flat spring inside the groove.


4. Move the sharpened end of the peg to the left and past the small holding pin.


5. Move the peg downwards to fit into the horizontal groove.


6. The peg is now ready to be hammered into the ground. Keep in mind that the peg should always be inline with the PenPusher’s body and to the left side at the bottom of the PenPusher.


7. Hammer the peg into the ground by lifting the top handle and slamming it down. Continue to hammer the peg into the ground as far as possible.


1. When the peg is hammered down as far as possible, pull the PenPusher’s top handle towards you.


2. Move the PenPusher’s top handle to the right hand side whilst still leaving the bottom side on the peg.


3. The PenPusher is now ready to be pulled upwards to release the peg.


4. All of the steps above needs to be followed in the correct order to avoid bending or breaking the holding pin.


5. Place the two grooves at the bottom of the PenPusher on top of the peg to drive the peg in further.